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    UNILAG POST UME-How to calculate unilag aggregate score (2017)

    Unilag screening

    University of Lagos popularly known as UNILAG is one of the prestigious universities we have in Nigeria because of quality of graduates they produce yearly. For this reason,  UNILAG make sure they admit the best out of the multitude by using strict modality for admission processes.  This post is all about how to calculate UNILAG aggregate point.  Mind you,  this is the new way of calculating UNILAG aggregate.

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    Using illustration, Mr A will be used for the illustrations.
    UNILAG point for each o'level grades
    A1 = 4.0pt
    B2 = 3.6pt
    B3 = 3.2pt
    C4 = 2.8pt
    C5 = 2.4pt
    C6 = 2.0pt
    You will notice that there is 0.4 interval between them.
    You should also note that UNILAG use five compulsory subject in your o'level result.
    For example,  mr A has the following grade;
    Mathematics = B2 -3.6pt
    English language =A1 - 4.0pt
    Chemistry = B3 - 3.2pt
    Biology = C4 - 2.8pt
    Physics = A1 - 4.0pt
    3.6 + 4.0 + 3.2 + 2.8 + 4.0 = 17.6pt

    This mean that mr A has 17.6pt out of 20.0pt.
    As for the JAMB score,  you will divide whatever you get by "8". For example,  mr A had 248 in JAMB;
    248/8 = 31pt.
    This means that Mr A has 31pt out of 50pt in his JAMB.
    As the post ume,  you will be given fifty questions,  which will be graded as 30%. For example,  Mr A scored 30 in the post ume exam;
    30/50 *30 = 18pt out of 30pt.

    From this post,  mr A total point is;
    17.6 + 31 + 18= 66.6pt out of 100pt.

     Things you should take not in this post are;
    Your o'level result = 20pt
    Your JAMB score = 50pt
    Your Post Ume = 30pt.
    Total= 100pt.

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    I hope you understand all that is written above and i am certain you now know how to calculate it.  You can also share to your friends on social media by using the share icon below this post.

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