Hot Lucrative Business Idea In Ghana

Over 100+ lucrative and profitable business you can start up in Ghana with little or no capital needed.

Business Ideas In Ghana To Start With Little Or No Capital 

1. Poultry Farming

Research shows that a good percentage of Ghanaians consume tons of meat and eggs in their homes, eateries and parties.

Therefore without wasting much time, poultry farming will be gracing our number one spot as a profitable business idea to start within your location

It does not require much capital while you can sell many products from your farm. These include eggs, frozen poultry meat and even the day-old chick from your farm.

2. Taxi Business

People travel and move around daily even on  weekends. However, some Ghanaians do not have cars while others find commercial buses uncomfortable.

So, with if you have a vehicle and register with either Uber or any other taxi company then you can start your transport business with ease.

A very smooth way to make money provided you have the time, therefore it is regarded as one of the top business ideas in Ghana.

3. Home Tutoring Services

Some subjects can be frustrating especially the sciences. But if you have a perfect grasp of these courses and can give a good tutoring on it, you can start home tutorial service.

Here, you can tutor students in various courses for a specified fee.

4. Fish farming

If you want another profitable small business, consider fish farming. Apart from a low startup cost, it does not demand much space.

You can even learn the ways of the business within a short period without hassle.

5. Real Estate Agency

Do you have enviable networking skills? Can you connect prospective tenants/buyers with landlords who have properties for sale?

If yes, you can start a real estate agency and make as high as six figures from commissions or you can equally start up your own real estate company.

6. Photography Services

Ghanaians tends to have great love photography. They will also pay good money to photographers that can create exciting images, therefore I wouldn't be wrong if i listed photography services as one of the profitable business ideas in Ghana.

Even if you don’t know how to use a camera, you can learn the required skills from online tutorials or can even find a professional photographer to tutor you. With excellent marketing skills, you can earn a favourable income from this business.

7. Creche/ Day Care Services

Are you great with kids? Do you love taking care of children? If yes, consider running a daycare service to help busy people take care of their wards and kids.

However, you will have to ensure that your creche maintains a high standard of hygiene and security.

8. Event Planning

Ghanaians celebrate various types  events and occasions across the country. Most times they may require the services of an event planner particularly if they want the ceremony to move perfectly.

If you have top-notch planning skills, you can test try your hands at this business. You should also advertise your services to your loved ones, neighbours and acquaintances. With a few excellent jobs, your business will grow via constant referrals.

9. Snail Farming

Few businesses require little capital and space as this venture. Besides, you can sell the snails at prices that ensure high profits. You can even use your backyard as a starting point for the business.

10. Driving School Business

Driving school Business is indeed one of the business ideas in Ghana. With many people interested to learn how to drive especially as various companies and establishments require this skill. If you are a good driver with excellent teaching skills, you can set up a driving school.

Before starting this business, you will need a few vehicles and proper certification from the required authorities in your location.
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POST UTME 2020; What you should expect in this year's admission process

Having any doubt concerning this year's admission process? I will try to enlighten some things that are likely to happen in this year's admission process. As you all know that due to the pandemic going on, schools have been closed , all these has slowed down the admission process.

In this post,I will discuss about likely things you should be expecting in this 2020 admission process. You should also note that this is not official but they are likely things we should be expecting.


Yes, you read it right, there might not be any form of exam , written or cbt. Universities and other institution might resort to the screening method of admitting student where their olevel and JAMB will be calculated into percentage. This was done in 2016 and it is likely going to happen again due to the pandemic going on all over the world.


For those who registered for JAMB and passed, but are using awaiting result might not been able to participate in the admission process. I'm saying because the minister of education made a comment about it during the meeting with JAMB to set the cut off mark for this year. Below is a proof of what he said , 

The Education Minister who was represented by the Minister of State for Education, Emeka Nwajiuba, urged JAMB and tertiary institutions to consider candidates with previous years' Senior School Certificate Examination and other qualifying results, to proceed with the admission process. He said the government will make an arrangement that will accommodate applicants who will be taking the examination when the opportunity to do so is worked out.  

According to him, he said the institution should consider candidats with previous years olevel in the admission process and he also said that the government will make arrangements for those without olvel results.


The admission process for this year might begin in August, hopefully schools should have resume. So I urge all candidate to get prepared for this .

It is important to know that all these are likely things that are going to happen, so I will encourage you all to keep reading for POST UTME exam of eventually there is going to be an exam.

If you have any questions, kindly comment below or you can chat me up on my WhatsApp contact 09091980072.

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How To Prepare For UTME within three weeks

You might be asking yourself,  how can i prepare for JAMB exam within three weeks? I will say to you that it is very possible to prepare within three weeks.

As at the time of writing this post,  the JAMB exam is only three weeks from now.  You might have not been preparing for the exam until now,  then you are wondering,  where can i start?  Then this blog post is absolutely  for you. 

Before outlining whatever i want to write about this topic,  i will urge you to like AdmissionTipz page on facebook  by clicking here 

Preparing for JAMB within three weeks involves some tweaks and tricks,  at this point it depends on how smart and serious you are.


Here are the tricks and tweaks;

1. Focus More On JAMB syllabus 

 When you want to read your textbooks or notebooks, dont just read blindly from different topics,  Using JAMB syllabus to narrow your reading is very helpful.  In the JAMB syllabus,  the topics to be studied are outline and whatever you need to know on the topic is also outlined.  This will help you read straightforward not blindly.

2.  Use The JAMB Past Questions More Frequently

 The truth is there is no longer new questions,  JAMB keeps recycling questions every year. Take advantage of this and study the Past Questions more frequently, this will make it easier for you if you come across same kind of question you saw in the past questions.  Sometimes,  JAMB doesn't repeat the questions word for word , that's  why it is important you revise the past questions diligently.

3.  Make Use Of The Recommended Textbooks 

JAMB questions are usually brought out directly from some textbooks,  these textbooks are recommended by JAMB. Using this textbook will help you in your three weeks preparation.

4. Join Any Brainstorming Group On Facebook 

There are different groups on facebook where you can join brainstorming session. In this groups,  they ask questions and the members provide answers to the questions , then corrections are provided after the brainstorming.  I personally  recommend "UI brainstorming group".

These four tips are enough to help you in preparation towards JAMB which is coming up three weeks from now.

If you have any question on admission issues or JAMB registration issues,  kindly comment below.


1.Why you should not use two sittings result for JAMB 2019

2. 5 Mistakes you should avoid during 2019 admission processes 

3. What You Should Know About JAMB cut off mark 
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Why You Should Not Use Two Sittings Result For JAMB 2019


I posted about the disadvantages of using two results in JAMB registration last year. I know alot of aspirants are about to use two sittings for JAMB 2019 registration, I am not writing this blog post to discourage you.  I just want to enlighten you on why you should not use two sittings result.
If you are first timer of writing JAMB exam,  you might not know what i meant by "Two sittings result ", i will explain before going into why i think two sitting results are not advisable. 


Two sitting result is like combining two results of different exams because you probably didn't have good grade in the subject you need.  For example,  Ade wrote WAEC in 2015 and he failed Mathematics which is a compulsory subject,  then he will have to re-sit for another o'level exam (WAEC,  NECO,GCE)  , if he then fail English Language but pass Mathematics , then he will combine both of them together . As simple as that!!!
Now going into the reasons why two sittings is not advisable; 

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This is the plain truth,  you won't be able to apply for competitive courses like medicine, law,  engineering and so  on.  Apart from the number of candidates that usually choose the course,  the school you choosed might also reject two sittings for such courses. For example,  In UI,  you can't apply for medicine with two sittings result,  your admission will be terminated during the clearance immediately they know you are using two sittings result. 


 You know top universities like UNILAG, UI,  OAU,  it might be a little difficult to apply and finally gain admission into them because of the high number of candidates that usually choose them. 


As you should know that a candidate with one sitting result can choose any school or course,  such opportunity is not available for those with two sittings result. At this point , JAMB Brochures should be your best friend because it will show you the schools and courses you can apply for.  


 You can kindly register for the ongoing WAEC registration and read hard to pass all required subjects.
But if you cant afford to register again,  you can go on to apply because alot of candidates have been admitted despite using two sittings result, you should just make sure you check the JAMB brochures very well before you select any school or course.

Wish you best of luck. 

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5 Mistakes You Should Avoid During Admission Process 2019

  Mistakes You Avoid During 2019 Admission Process 

JAMB 2019

Most of the aspirants usually make some mistakes that can cost them their admission, you really don't want it to happen to you , do you? 

You might ask yourself,  what are the possible mistakes that cost me my admission the previous years (if you have done JAMB before) ? I will be talking about those mistakes on this post,  stay tuned!!!

Before i continue on the main topic, i will advice you to keep on reading AdmissionTipz blog post everyday and like our page on facebook to get admission tips that will be of help to you. 

Now back to the main topic,  what are the mistakes that can possibly cost you your admission in 2019?

Wrong Subject Combination  

This is the major mistake that alot of aspirants make every year. The use of brochure in the preparation of JAMB exam should never be underestimated.  Imagine how sad it will be when you beat the cut off mark for your course and you are been rejected all because of wrong subject combination.  One thing about this mistake is that,  after you have sat down for your JAMB exam,  there is no longer a solution to this mistake except you decide to change your course to the one that conform with the subject combination.

Wrong O'level Result 

This mistake is also common among the aspirants  and can surely cost an aspirant his or her admission. You may ask that how can you make such mistake?, it is very possible.  It is either the person who registered you for JAMB did mistake while filling it,  or you intentionally did it to scale through or to try your luck.   The interesting part is that,  you might be admitted but you can't escape it when you are doing your registration in school,  you can't.  If you are an aspirant with two sittings,  you can use it although some courses require one sitting. 

Click here to read on how some students where expelled because of fake results 

Wrong Information 

There are alot of information going here and there,  mostly fake news.  Most aspirants usually believe fake information without actually making research of it. 

There was a case of an aspirant i met in the CyberCafe,  he was registering for POST UME.  Then something painful happened,  he paid the registration fee and later discovered that the school he was processing does not accept "second choice candidates ". The money he paid has gone because it was boly written on the school site that the money is non refundable after been paid.  Painful,  isn't it? 

If you want to get the real and original information,  you can reach out to me by checking my contact page or you can check the blog from time to time. 

Inconsistent Age In Your Documents 

You are 17 in your WAEC certificate, 18 in your birth certificate and maybe 19 in your JAMB registration form,  then you need nobody to tell you that something will be wrong somewhere.  Age is an important factor during admission processes, some schools don't  joke with it.  You might have seen some school write on their website that they  do not admit anyone less than 16 years old.  

Click here to read a news about a boy who passed JAMB and WAEC but was rejected admission because of his Age

Wrong Spelling  Of Name

This mistake can be corrected even after you have sat down for you JAMB exam,  you will just have to go to any nearest JAMB office to edit your name. You might be charged for it. But nevertheless,  you should take note that your name is well spelt during your JAMB registration. 

If you need to ask any questions,  just comment below. 


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JAMB 2019- Things To Consider When Choosing A School

JAMB 2019-Things To Consider When Choosing A School 

Nigerian universities JAMb 2019

Choosing the right school to study is as important as choosing the right course to study.  In my previous post,  I talked about "Things to consider when choosing a course ", if you didn't read it, kindly click here.

In this post,  i will be focusing on things a student or an aspirant must consider before choosing the school ". But before i go deep into the topic, let me ask you this question " Can you create your own JAMB profile account? " If your answer is "No" then read it here but if your answer is "Yes" ,then i will say kudos to you then.

Back to the topic,  during JAMB registration,  you will be asked to choose four institutions which comprises of "First choice" , "Second choice" , "Third choice" and "Fourth choice". Let me educate your on what to do;

First choice university - You are advised to choose a federal University if you are not a type that is financially buoyant. You can pick schools like OAU,  UI,  UNILAG and other federal Universities in Nigeria. 

Second choice university - In this part,  you are advised to choose either a state owned university or a polytechnics.  In this part,  you MUST not choose any federal universities especially UI,  OAU, UNN,  UNILAG and others,  because no matter what you score,  you wont be allowed to write the POST UME exam.  You can pick schools like EKSU,  OOU,  DELSU and for polytechnic; YABATECH, Ibadan Poly, Ilaro Poly and others. 

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Third choice University - The option of schools in this category is not much,  but you can just pick the one that best suit your taste based on location and tuition fee.

Fourth choice University - In this category, you wont see any university here,  you will see Vocational institutes like PEFTI institutes,  Computer Programming institutes and others. 

Now i am sure you already have idea about what choosing a university or institute in the four categories look like. The question you should now ask yourself is which school is the best for me?  Which school will be easier for me to get admitted based on the look of things?  Which school will have adequate facilities for my course of study?

All those questions will be answered in this post,  just read carefully. Below are the things you should consider when choosing a university ;


 Every schools have their method of processing admission.  Some use the screening point calculated from your JAMB score and o'level result, some use POST UME and JAMB score to calculate your screening point,  while some use only your POST UME score,  so whatever way,  you should be able to know the one which suit you well.

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You might think that this doesn't matters,  it really does alot.  If you want to check your School ranking in Nigeria and in the world,  click here. This should help you in deciding which school you should choose.


Generally,  all top federal universities are competitive ranging from 30,000 to over 40,000 aspirants choosing a particular school competing for minimum slot ( survival of the fittest).


This should not be new to any aspirants that Nigerian universities don't have a uniform resumption date (their resume dates are different).  Most times,  some schools are ahead of another schools with one semester or less.  You won't like to be at home while your friends in other schools are almost done with first semester. 


Not all universities in Nigeria are  conducive for learning,  instead they are like burden to the students. Make sure you make some findings on the school facilities like their hostel,  lecture room,  equipment and others.

And Lastly;


I intentionally save this for the last because students are fond of choosing a school very far from their home,  someone living  in lagos is studying in abia state which is ought not to be.  When choosing a school,  consider your safety when traveling to such destinations.

From the above,  i said you should consider "the location of the school ,  how conducive the school is,  their school calendar, how competitive the school is, the ranking of the school and the way the admission is processed ".

If you need any kind of advice,  comment below or call my phone number 09091980072 to get quick response to your questions.

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A Must Read For All Jambites 2019


Create jamb account

Hello readers,  today I will be writing on "guides you should know for JAMB 2019 admission processes ". Let me tell you something you need to have in mind before going deep,  over 1.2million aspirants register for JAMB and there is only slot for over 200k -300k  aspirants. Now lets do the math,  out of 1.2million that registered for JAMB,  only 200k-300k aspirants that finally gain admission,  then it means that 900k -1million won't be admitted and they will need to apply for the following year JAMB again. I hope you can now see the reason why you must gain admission at all cost. 

Before i proceed,  kindly "like" this page,  it will be of help to you if you are really determined to gain admission in 2019.

Now let me proceed,  there are three secrets of making your admission very certain,  they are ;

1. Have good grade in your five compulsory subjects in WAEC /NECO/GCE
2. Have a very high score in JAMB Cbt exam.
3. Have a very high score in Post JAMB. 

Looking at the three secrets,  there is one thing that is common,  which is reading relentlessly. You may ask that what do i mean?  Okay,  let me shed more light by using illustration ;

* Matthew passed his WAEC and JAMB,  but failed POST UTME

* Sam passed his WAEC,  got a low mark in JAMB and low mark in post UTME

* Mark passed his WAEC,  JAMB,  POST UME 

Now, look at the three illustrations  , who do you think will certainly be admitted?  Yeah,  it  will be Mark and why do you think so? Simply because he passed all his exam and he read his books relentlessly. Don't allow the fact that you got 320 in JAMB make you feel relaxed for POST UTME.

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Now,  another aspect is the course you want to study;  the question you should be asking yourself is that "how competitive was this course last year? " and "how 1 will it be this year?". Also, you need to know the minimum score range you must have in JAMB because it varies for different courses.  For example,  someone who want to study "Theatre Art" will need a score range of 240-280 in JAMB and the person will gain admission,  but it is not the same for someone who want to study medicine , you will need the score range of 300-350 in JAMB . 

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Hope you understood what i meant, okay lets go to the last point 👇 👇 👇 

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Now lets talk about school of your choice, these are the things you must look out for when choosing a school

* If the school is recognised by NUC

* If the course you want to study is accredited in that school by NUC

* Take note of the way they do their Post UTME /screening,  it might favour you or not.

* Most importantly,  take note of how competitive the school is,  if you cant handle the competition,  then go for a school with lesser competition.

Let me wrap it up,  I made three  important point  which are

* Read relentlessly and pass your O'level,  JAMB and Post UTME

* Know the course you want to study and how competitive it is. 

* Know the school that best suit your course.

All in All,  be prepared for the competition.

Kindly share this to educational group on facebook and other social media. 

If you want to ask questions,  comment below.
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