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    Monday, December 11, 2017

    5 things you should know before applying for JAMB 2018

    If you are reading this post,  then that means you want to sit for the upcoming UTME exam. Then i congratulate you because you are at the right place. Before we go into details,  i will like to tell you that, there are alot of post in this blog that will help you during this year's admission processes. Also if you have any question about admission,  you can ask me through the comments or through my email address in the CONTACT US page. 

    Now,  back to this post,  i will like to tell you things you need to know before registering for JAMB exam.

    1.  Your Name is very important:

    Yes,  your name can cost you your admission if you spell your name wrong.  I have seen students been admitted by JAMB but were rejected by the University during clearance because of their names does not correlate with other documents like o'level result certificate, birth certificate etc.  Although,  JAMB use to allow for " change of data" where you can correct your name incase you made mistake,  but to be on a safer side,  make sure you carefully spell your name to the JAMB official that is going to register you.

    2. Know The Course You Want To Study:

    I usually find it funny whenever a student says he doesn't know the course to pick. Course is not something you should pick at random,  course is something you have passion for,  something you have knowledge about.  Don't let anyone decide your course for you.  If you are having problem choosing a course,  i already made a post they will help you decide the course you really want to study.  Click the link below to read the post.

    3. Know the subject combination for your course :

    Alot of student make this mistake by choosing wrong subject combinations for their course.  If you want to avoid any form of mistake,  then i will advise you to use "JAMB Brochure", look for your course and you will see the subject combination for the course.  Remember,  this mistake can not be amend after you have sat for the exam,  which means your admission for that year is not certain.  Be wise!!!

    4.  Use one sitting result :  

    I have come to realize that students with one sitting result have more advantage than students using two sitting results.  I have already made a post about the " possible disadvantages of using two sitting result ", you can click the link below to read it.  Also make sure your minimum grade in your WAEC/NECO/GCE is "C6", anything more than that, won't be accepted by the University you choose.

    5.  Your Date of Birth:

    Don't ever make a mistake of changing your date of birth because your admission can be revoke by JAMB or by the University if they find out.  Minimum age federal universities accept is 16 years old, anything less than that, might not work out.  If you are 15 year's old,  just relax and wait for the following year or you can apply to private university if you can afford it. 

    Having said all this,  you can now go and register for JAMB, wish you success.
    If you have any kind of admission issues,  then let me know through the comment or send a mail to my email address.

    Kindly share this post to your friends preparing for the JAMB registration by using the share icon below this post. 

    Thank You. 


    1. Hello! Sir, I sat for waec this year but my results got messed up seriously.

      If I use NECO next year, will I be asked if I've written waec exams before?

      1. No, you won't be asked. Just provide your NECO result when registering for JAMB 2018

    2. Okay sir. I haven't sit for NECO yet, how will I do it sir? I should tell the CBT centre operator that I want to use awaiting results right?

      1. Tell them that you want to use awaiting result, that's all.

    3. Enter your comment... Hello sir I have 2B and 8C in waec grade can I go for medicine.

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